Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Value vs Growth

Of course this is not really a value vs growth post, both are two great investment philosophy and depending on what you look at (and for) both work very well (if you're into day trading or short term you might want to stay away from value though)

Nope, this is still my thoughts about what I should do with my extra cash siting on the cash account...

I explored the growth part last post (TINY, EXEL, TASR...) and today I was thinking about value plays that could prove better investment

The market has been bad, even nasty in the recent week (at least for me, my portfolio shrunk from +14% to +3.75%) and some stocks have taken a serious beating since the summer, here are my favorites :

* MRK : yes, still watching it, I suspect it could drop a bit more on one last bad news so I'll wait on that, pays dividends
* FNM : Fannie May is on its way to pull a Tyco... what does Tyco stocks sell for today... (like...a good price, to be vague)
* LXK : I don't know how they came up with such numbers, but I don't know why the market overreacted so badly either (easy 20% here...I think)
* MCD : About to IPO the Chipotle chain, pays dividends
* MSFT : yes, Microsoft, Fortune has a great article arguing that MSFT is undervalued, I am a frim believer of that

I'm still pondering which one to buy though...