Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Palomar Medical (PMTI)

PMTI reported better than expected earning this morning and the stock is up 9% on the news.

I've been holding some Palomar Medical PMTI for a little over 4 months and was deep in the red for the most part because of bad news on rivals such as CUTR. But I've always kept a positive expectation of PMTI, especially as we come closer to the mass marketization of their hair removal product with Gilette G, and their other deals with JNJ

In a Peter Lynchian way, you don't even need to look at the numbers to see potential in PMTI, just imagine how huge the market is going to be for hair/tatto/skin treatment in this coming age of ageing hip population. And PMTI is poised to score big on that trend, with a toughness in court where the company fought its way through competitors stealing technology, and with partners like Gilette and Jonhson and Johnson, PMTI has the opportunity to leave the dermatologists offices and sit on Target TGT or Wal Mart's shelves.

I almost bought some more shares when I was 20 percentage points below my average cost, but didn't. Today I'm back in the green zone with 3% and would recommend PMTI to any patient investor willing to wait just a year or two for serious dough