Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The investor's dilemma

I have $1,500 to invest, eventually, one day I will buy TINY and TASR. These two things are for sure.

However I do believe that (1) TASR is not done drowning and (2) TINY is not anywhere close to the day it'll rise.

Should I invest into something else, and then when cows are falling from the sky sell and reinvest (hopefully with some extra greens made in the time span) in TINY and/or TASR? Or should I just wait (since nothing looks too attractive to me right now for a mid term holding) and keep the cash in the piggy?

I've been thinking about it for weeks now, my potential value plays (WMT, FNM, MSFT etc.) are probably the worst place to invest if the objective is to withdraw in a few months and I don't see much other opportunity that I like, understand and am confident with.

... So I guess buying time will be postponed for some more time, until I make up my mind