Friday, December 1, 2006

Sold Aug 30 Call for AKAM

Akamai (AKAM)

I've sold a covered call on 100 shares of AKAM for $90

I plan to hold on AKAM but $30 is almost a 30% increase in price and I don't think that increase is likely within the next 7 months.
If AKAM does increase to reach 30 and the call is exercised, I'll still have some shares left and would probably buy some more on the way up to 30.

I am evaluating the option of writing covered calls on PDLI as well


Interestingly enough, about 30 minutes after my first ever option transaction (a conservative sell of out of the money Aug 30 call on AKAM for less than a hundred dollars), the Motley Fool is running an article on Options.

In that article, two authors explore a pro and a con view on options.

It's pretty basic and I believe there is actually a typo in the bullish case (buy Call and sell Put, where the author means buy call and seel call) but definitely worth reading.

I believe the is a good website for stock ideas, their newsletters have good results, but overall the papers are superficial and they're trying really hard to sell their stuff. Half of the article are just apetizers bragging about former top performers that end up with ...Suscribe to our -whatever- Newsletter to read other other stock picks