Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Uncle Warren likes his Coca Cola

There's at least one live person in the investing world that every single investors, even the arrogant edge fund managers do respect. No, that person is not Jim Cramer (on the cover of BusinessWeek recently, on TV and radio every day), that person is obviously Warren Buffet.

Therefore, and because I don't have that many things to mumble about today, I would like to disclose BRK.A holdings and rant about them, the list comes this way from Morningstar.com

Coca-Cola KO: Wide Moat, 5 Stars
American Express AXP: Wide Moat, 3 Stars
Procter & Gamble PG: Wide Moat, 3 Stars
Wells Fargo WFC: Wide Moat, 5 Stars
Moody's MCO: Wide Moat, 3 Stars
Wesco Financial WSC: Narrow Moat, 5 Stars
Washington Post WPO: Wide Moat, 5 Stars
M&T Bank MTB: Narrow Moat, 3 Stars
Shaw Communications SJR: Not Rated
American Standard ASD: Narrow Moat, 3 Stars
First Data FDC: Wide Moat, 4 Stars
Gap GPS: Narrow Moat, 5 Stars
Comcast CMCSA: Wide Moat, 4 Stars
USG Corporation USG: Not Rated
Gannett GCI: Narrow Moat, 5 Stars
Costco COST: Narrow Moat, 3 Stars
SunTrust Bank STI: Narrow Moat, 3 Stars
Nike NKE: Narrow Moat, 3 Stars
Iron Mountain IRM: Wide Moat, 3 Stars
Tyco International TYC: Narrow Moat, 4 Stars
Pier 1 Imports PIR: No Moat, 5 Stars
Outback Steakhouse OSI: No Moat, 5 Stars
ServiceMaster SVM: Narrow Moat, 2 Stars
Lexmark International LXK: Narrow Moat, 5 Stars
Sealed Air SEE: Narrow Moat, 5 Stars
PetroChina PTR: Narrow Moat, 1 Star
Home Depot HD: Wide Moat, 4 Stars
Mueller Industries MLI: Not Rated
Comdisco Holding CDCO: Not Rated
Lowe's Companies LOW: Wide Moat, 3 Stars
Dean Foods DF: Narrow Moat, 3 Stars
Anheuser-Busch BUD: Wide Moat, 5 Stars
Kingfisher KGFHY: Not Rated

Not very high tech and fancy, but it works wonders (I by the way own IRM).

I have to say I am skeptical about a couple of those (PIR especially) but who am I.

What always amazes me is how betting on those household names companies, Buffet managed to produce such results. You would not expect such a blue chip portofolio to behave the way it did, but once again, the man has nothing to prove anymore.

Finding a hidden gem is one thing, finding a whole portfolio of big names that rises faster than the much hyped trendy stock is another one.