Saturday, September 1, 2007

Indian Play (TTM)

Tata Motors (TTM) ADR

According to everybody at the watercoolers around the globe, China is the next superpower. According to me, India is the real deal. Inheriting of some anglosaxon traits due to its past colony status, fluent in english for the most part, growing as fast as China, and most important of all, less regulated than China.

I have trouble thinking that a country that forbids Yahoo and Google to display certain websites, that has people in the far lands dying of hunger while Beijing hosts the Olympics, that is basing its rise on manufacturing rather than services, can be a world leader of some sort.

India on the other hand is certainly not as glamourous, but I expect it to emerge as the real leader of teh far east. Their Focus is on services rather than manufacturing, which places them closer to the 21st century than 19th century style chinese manufacturing.

One indian stock I like is TTM, Tata could be poised to become a dominant force if the big3 and the japanese leave the indian market alone too long, or fail to seduce local customers.
ETFs could be a good andsafest way to play on India, but for some reason I'm still buying individual stocks only. Results achieved by some fellow bloggers with some funds could eventually lead me to consider some of them.