Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Zacks Performance Tracking Halt

I've been tracking the "bull of the day" picks at for 6+ months and 150 stocks, and I consider the current pool of 150 picks to be enough of a database to work on.
Therefore I am halting the long and time consuming process of collecting data on the picks and will only continue to upgrade the +1week, +1month, +3months and +6 months columns of the spreadsheet until everyone of the 150 stocks has data for 6 months (the time frame given by Zacks to reach the price objective)

So far it's been fairly average, with a handful of great picks, some miserable ones and a bunch of average (read performing like the index), but some of their analysts are sticking out.

I'll crunch some numbers and post the file soon, but I'm skeptical that following the advices of professionals yield wowing results. If you do your homework you should be able to beat the index by yourself and should not need someone to tell you what to buy.