Sunday, October 1, 2006

Sold some ERTS @ $55.65, looking for Jun calls elsewhere

Electronic Arts (ERTS)

I lightened up on ERTS today, sold 1/3 of my position to get some money off the table and off that sideway trading stock.

SOLD ERTS @ $55.65

I'm losing around 5% on that trade, but I just don't like ERTS that much anymore.
On the other hand the videogame market is about to boom and I don't want to miss the train, so I'm keeping some until I find out a better play or I fall back in love with the stock.

Besides, I'm looking to buy several June Calls for a couple of stocks, I do want to trade options that I expect to exercise, so I'm looking for comapnies with a sound base.

In my shortlist : GOOG, PCU, CKCM, ENG, SPIL, MRVL (down 7% today but it should be back in the spring) or maybe my left apart from the Xmas buying spree CRM, PRAA, ADEX, JOYG