Friday, June 2, 2006

Looking back at my sales (BOT, URBN, ENCY, ERTS)

BOT is up a little over 5% since I sold it, it would still be a loss from my buy point and I don't see it going past $120 anytime soon

ENCY is up more than $2 (more than 20%) since I got out on a 30% dip (after a competitor's drug, Actelion, got good news ahead of ENCY) and since the stock seems very resilient, I am tempted to get back into it with summer expriring options and play a wait and see game with the FDA approval supposedly coming this spring for the respiratory drug from Encysive.

ERTS is down a couple points since I shed one third of my position. I expect 2006 to be flat or so, but ERTS should be a powerhouse when the transition to new console is fully done.

URBN has been bouncing up and down since I sold it, as of today it's higher that my selling price but lower than my initial Buy, this stock got me weary of retail stocks and I still avoid them like the plague